Magnum Whiteline are focusing on:-

Recycling and reducing waste

Reusing and repairing materials/products at every opportunity

Utilise Energies and water sparingly

We already:-

Recycle cardboard, paper, aluminum cans, bottles, plastics, mobile phones, radios, printer cartridges

Use energy efficient light bulbs, turn off lights and electrical items when not in use,

Buy recycled products which can be reused or refilled

Buy eco-friendly cleaning products

use, multi-functional devices which saves energy and paper

We also encourage:-

Drivers to switch off the engine when waiting for passengers or stuck in traffic jams

Drivers to drive more efficiently, ie. plan journeys, avoid congestion whenever possible

Drivers/staff to walk or cycle

Drivers/staff to car share

Use LPG gas, cleaner fuels and vehicles

Drivers/staff to recycle at home